Hostage Situation

An employee, student or visitor is taken a hostage on campus…DO NOT attempt to apprehend or interfere with the hostage taker(s)!

During the Crisis

  • The first person aware of the incident should call 911.
  • The President and/or designee are notified immediately. The President or designee, will notify the Cabinet, Director of Communications and PR, and Director of Facilities.
  • The police will determine the course of action to take to ensure safety of those in the vicinity of the incident.  If evacuation is necessary, no one else is allowed back into the building until the police authorize it.
  • The President or his designee designates a TCS liaison. All communications with the authorities will be made with this person. This person will wait by the building entrance to meet and guide the emergency personnel.  All other personnel and students will wait outside of the building and clear of any entrance/exit doors.
  • The liaison will identify key personnel to assist with any authorities’ directives. This might include maintenance, Cabinet members and Department Directors and Chairs.
  • Director of Facilities will provide a copy of the floor plan of the building to the police.
  • If the situation involves an assailant on the grounds, key personnel will go to classrooms and offices and discreetly alert instructors and staff of the situation and have them lock all doors to prevent entry.
  • Director of Communications and PR will instruct the front desk receptionists on how to respond to phone calls regarding the situation.
  • The Director of Communications and PR will handle all media inquiries. Staff, faculty and students will be instructed not to talk with the media.

Once the Immediate Crisis is Resolved

  • For those indirectly affected by the incident: dismissal should occur after an official announcement is made regarding what happened.
  • For those directly affected by the incident:  groups consisting of no more than 20 people will be deescalated by a crisis response team and given time to talk prior to dismissal.  The emergency services/counselors can arrange for the teams.
  • If injuries and/or deaths are involved:
    1. Family members of all casualty victims are notified as soon as possible.  _________________ will coordinate this communication.
    2. Follow procedures under “Medical Emergency” and/or “Death of a Student/Employee”.
  • The Director of Communications and PR will set up phone line information to those who are calling for information.
  • The Cabinet and Director of Facilities will review security measures.
  • An Incident Report Form will be completed and filed.
  • Faculty and staff will be advised by Counselors to identify and refer those students at high risk for depression. These might include relatives and close friends of the deceased, students with a history of depression and/or suicide attempts, or classmates who might have witnessed or come upon the scene of death.

Long Term

  • Periodic mandatory debriefing meetings, with those directly affected by the incident, by outside resources.
  • Continued identification of high-risk students and referrals to Counselors.
  • Provide ongoing instructions for students and employees who will be giving testimony or dispositions.