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Kim DellAngela

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  • Core Faculty, Doctoral Program Clinical Psychology

  • Associate Professor

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  • Chicago, IL
Clinical Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
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Kim Dell'Angela Ph.D. is an Associate Professor on faculty of the APA accredited Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago Campus of TCSPP. A graduate of Rutgers University and Loyola University Chicago and a licensed clinical psychologist, her career has reflected her passion for the fields of healthcare and higher education and her commitment to collaborative research, practice and advocacy.

During the 17 years on the faculty of Loyola Stritch School of Medicine, she held academic and medical staff appointments in Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and Psychiatry. Her clinical practice at Loyola focused on chronic disease, pain management, child development and protection, complementary/alternative/wellness health practices, developmental disabilities and behavioral health interventions. Dr. Dell 'Angela's research, teaching, grants, and program development have aligned with a focus on inter-professional practice. Her research has informed graduate medical education guidelines for workload, pediatric screening of developmental concerns, and protocols for chronic disease management , post trauma emergency medicine and nursing care. Her teams at Loyola received $265,000.00 in state and private grants to establish an interdisciplinary and inter-agency program to identify and care for child victims of sexual abuse. Dr. Dell 'Angela's served a 12 year appointment as vice chair and executive council member of Illinois Child Death Review Teams in Illinois.

At Harper Community College, she led an Academic and Student Affairs division as the Associate Dean of Wellness and Director of the college's Health and Psychological Service Clinic. In addition to providing health and mental health care, prevention services and education programing for the student body of over 20,000 - this inter-professional outpatient clinic provided onsite occupational health and employee wellness services for faculty and staff. Her division and clinic also collaborated with community agencies to provide education, triage to social services, low cost prevention and health screening programs for those in the local community with limited access to healthcare service. Grants received by Dr. Dell'Angela supported a textbook loan program for students at risk of dropping our due to financial concerns, and supported campus smoking cessation programing and an initiative for a smoke free campus. She established the college's Early Alert/Threat Assessment team and worked with leadership to implement an All Hazards emergency response plan including pandemic flu response. In alignment with the clinic's focus on wellness, she integrated Strength based principles into clinic practices.

Dr. Dell'Angela's career has also included substantial involvement in governance and accreditation activities. As Chair and Vice Chair of the University Faculty Council of Loyola University Chicago she lead the faculty through a successful multiyear renewal initiative under a new president. Dr. Dell'Angela has experience in state, regional and healthcare accreditation and certification including HLC/NCA, ACGME, LCME, WASC, APA, JCAHO, CAP and CLIA. She is a site visitor for the American Psychological association and recently led the Clinical PsyD program at TCSPP to a 7 yr reaccreditation in 2016. She has completed a certificate in mediation and graduate work in Organizational Development and received her MA in Legal Studies with a focus on Healthcare and Education law in spring 2015. She serves on review panels for HRSA grant programs and as a reviewer for "Professional Psychology Research and Practice" and other peer reviewed journals.

As faculty, Associate Chair of Operations and Department Chair of the Clinical PsyD program at TCSPP her work on admission, enrollment management, student records and and advising systems increased enrollment and retention and have served as models for other programs at the institution She is the PI for a $1.8 million dollar federal grant that provides scholarships for program students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to work in primary care and underserved communities. She was the lead author for the TCSPP strategic framework and publication ​" Toward a Healthier Nation​: ​No Health Without Mental Health​" (

Current areas of professional focus include integrated healthcare/interprofessional , curriculum development, and the practice of clinical psychology in the evolving healthcare landscape. She served on the Human Subjects Research Institutional Review Board of TCSPP . Recent courses taught include Social Justice Advocacy, Primary Care, Biological Bases of Behavior, Divorce and Child Custody, Professional Practice and Advanced Practicum Seminar. She has served on dissertations committees in neuropsychology, health psychology, nutrition, psychology and media, integrated care, wellness, military psychology, professional competence and leadership

Education History
Degree Institution Year
Ph.D. , M.A. Loyola University Chicago, Chicago Illinois 1991
M.L.S Santa Barbara /Ventura School of Law, California 2015
B.A. Rutgers College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick New Jersey 1983
Professional Memberships
Role Organization
Member American Psychological Association Division 12: Society of Clinical Psychology, Division 13: Society of Consulting Psychology, Division 19: Military Psychology, Division 35: Society for the Psychology of Woman, Division 38: Health Psychology, Division 54: Society of Pediatric Psychology
Member Illinois Psychological Association
Member National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology
Member Midwest Psychological Association
Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Illinois
Areas of Expertise
Area Expertise
Autism/Developmental Disorders Autistic Spectrum
Business/IO Psychology Consulting Skills
Organizational Development
Career/Workplace Issues Work/Life Balance
Child & Adolescent Development Parenting Styles
Clinical Psychology / Mental Health Disaster Mental Health
Diversity Social Justice and Advocacy
Domestic Violence Child Abuse
Eating Disorders/Obesity Obesity
Ethical & Legal Issues Code of Conduct for Psychologists
Forensic Psychology Child Protection
Marriage & Family Divorce
Military Psychology Negotiating and Managing Changing Family roles
Psychology Subdisciplines - Clinical Psychology
Title Location Date
Toward a New Model: Predoctoral Training in Clinical Psychopharmacology" Engaging in the Power of Disruption. National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) Annual Conference New Orleans LA Jan 2019
"Teaching Consultation Skills- A Community- Engaged, Service Learning Approach." International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology Vancouver, Canada July 2017
"ACTing together -A graduate program-community partnership for violence prevention" Resiliency and Healing: The Aftermath of Violence in Marginalized Communities, Cultural Impact Conference Chicago, Illinois March 2017
"Consulting to our communities: Preparing our graduates for success and competence as consultants in an expanding practice landscape." (Re)claiming our Identity:Rediscovering our Social Relevance as NCSPP and Psychologists. National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) Annual Conference Long Beach California January 2017
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"Interprofessional Mentorship: Opportunities and Complexities." Creating Mentorship Pipelines. National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) Annual Conference Atlanta, Georgia January 2016
"Resilience Lives here- Public Health and Community Aspects of Resilience." Building Reliance in Children and Adolescents. Seventh Annual Child and Adolescent Research Conference. Chicago, Illinois October 2015
"Preparing Students for Interprofessional Practice under the ACA– the Path Ahead”, Multidisciplinary Teams: The Place for Mental Health in the Inter-professional World. Annual ACEPT Conference Chicago, Illinois May 2015
"Accessible and Affordable don’t have to mean anti- humanistic." Humanistic (R)Evolution Psychology conference (Div 32) Innovative Relevance in a Complex World. Chicago Illinois March 2015
“Getting there from Here :Transitioning from Professional Psychology to Health Service Psychology” Positioning Professional Psychology in Todays Healthcare. National Council of Schools of Professional Psychology (NCSPP) Annual Conference San Diego, California January 2015
Panel “ACA & Health Service Psychology Education: Getting There from Here”. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:Implications for Education and Training in Professional Psychology TCSPP. Chicago,Illinois November, 2014
“Resilience and the School Age Child - Inside and Out” The Changing Experience of Education in the 21st Century: Meeting the Health Needs of the High-Risk Child, Association of School Nurses Conference Maywood, Illinois May, 2013

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Dell’Angela, K, Arredondo, P., et al (2016). Towards a Healthier Nation: No Health Without Mental Health. [monograph].

Professional Skills
Children, adolescent, families, Parenting, Developmental disabilities, Divorce, Child abuse, Autistic spectrum, Behavioral health/behavioral medicine, Health psychology across the lifespan, Pediatric psychology, Cross disciplinary collaboration and consultation, Pain management, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Clinical psychology, Professional education and training, Leadership, Wellness, positive psychology, work/life balance, stress, Health, Education and Law