Forensic Training Institute

The Forensic Training Institute, located on the Los Angeles Campus, consolidates the free or low-cost services that The Chicago School has offered to the local community since 2008, including crisis intervention training, workshops on topics from post-traumatic stress disorder to substance abuse, mental health counseling, and research in partnership with local organizations and agencies.

The Institute offers a Crisis Intervention Conference where community leaders, law enforcement, academics, ex-gang members, parents, and others come together to participate in a free, 8-hour crisis intervention training delivered by doctoral students and faculty at TCSPP.

The Institute has also partnered with a large number of local agencies and organizations to provide training and assessment, including the Los Angeles Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Coroner’s Office, and City Attorney’s office, as well as with community organizations, in large part through its relationship with A Better LA, a non-profit organization that empowers grassroots leaders to transform their own neighborhoods.