Our Model of Education

Since 1979, The Chicago School has been known as an innovator in the field, working to push the boundaries and further the impact that psychology has on our world.

Our unique educational model of education—known as The Engaged Practitioner Model—is based heavily on learning through community service and on grooming students to be “engaged” and active participants in their communities, applying their knowledge and skills in new and powerful ways to serve the greater good.

From their first semester on campus, our students learn not only through their classroom work, but through an unparalleled range of real-world training experiences in diverse and challenging settings. They contribute their expertise in underserved communities, social service agencies, schools, hospitals, and even businesses—refining their professional skills while making a positive and lasting impact in the community.

The Engaged Practitioner Model re-defines the role of the professional. No longer limited to research or traditional clinical practice, engaged professionals are multiculturally and professionally proficient individuals who are integral parts of their communities, approach practice and scholarship from the broader view of innovators, transformers, and problem solvers, and use their disciplines to make positive and lasting impact on the world.