Strategic Plan

In creating our blueprint for the next five years and beyond, The Chicago School envisions a future that reaches far beyond its own institutional boundaries.

Toward a Healthier World

Our ambitious plan will expand the scope and reach of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, but also will advance the profession of psychology, and result in benefits to the global community that depends so heavily on a health care system that can meet its complex and disparate needs.

Because we believe that psychology is inextricably woven throughout our daily lives and a critical component of the well-being of each of us, individually and collectively, we are committed to incorporating a focus on mental health into all health care, and to emphasizing interprofessional education throughout our curriculum.

Through the implementation of initiatives that are innovative—and ultimately transformational—we are positioning our institution as THE Psychology University, dedicated to leading the way “Toward a Healthier World.”

With a belief in the future,

Michele Nealon, Psy.D.


Strategic Plan Goals

The Chicago School’s three goals provide a framework for our distinctive vision for the future of our institution, the profession of psychology and the communities we serve.

  1. Be recognized as the pre-eminent university of professional psychology in the world.
  2. Innovate the education and profession of psychology for the future.
  3. Advance psychology education through technological innovation and streamlined operations.
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The Time is Right

With 35 years of excellence in the field behind us, the time has arrived to take the next big step in our institution’s evolution.

The Time is Right